What if writing copy + content for your business didn't make you want to tear your (freshly-styled) hair out, stab yourself in the eye or drink yourself into a rosé-induced stupor?

Real talk:
 Ever found yourself 40 scrolls deep in someone’s Instagram feed #fangirling over their every post – and witty, wonderfully unique captions – and before you even realize it, you’re scouring their website for something  – OMG, anything! – to buy?

Who hasn’t, right?

You, too, can get your readers/browsers/followers just as hypnotically-hooked on you and your offers with your copy and content.

....Without faking it, forcing it or freaking out over every word.

All it takes is a few simple tweaks to your copy and content routine (or lack thereof) and a few major shifts in the way you think about writing for your business.

Yes, you CAN start creating ridiculously-addictive copy + content that sounds like you – and makes sales, too.

Oh, and actually effing enjoy it. 😉 

Sign up for the Ridiculously Addictive Content Bootcamp below – a FREE 3-day challenge where I’m revealing both the practical – and slightly magical 😉 – tools and techniques I use to whip up “OMG, she gets me” content and copy that inspires and inspires action (read: inquiries) – and is just as fun for me to create as it is for my readers to devour.

It all starts September 18, 2017.

You in?

This bootcamp is for you if:

:: You know what you want to say (kinda) – but you get caught up in the comparison trap when you see other talented ladies and how perfectly they get their message across. 

:: You adore your work but clam up and (basically) break down when it comes to writing copy and/or content that sells said work.

::  You can’t seem to turn #alltheideas in your head into coherent, cohesive pieces of writing (and it’s frustrating AF). You’re never quite sure if your shit flows or if it reads like a jumbled mess.

:: You’re perpetually struggling to find your unique voice.

:: You seriously don’t want to sound like somebody  – or everybody – else in your copy and content. 

:: You’re super jealous of coaches and creatives who effortlessly pump out writing that’s not only heartfelt, honest and oftentimes hilarious, but also leads to Likes and sales.

::  You just don’t want to create any more content just for content creation’s sake. You want your copy + content to really move people – and really move people to buy. 

Bootcamp kicks off September 18, 2017. Get your name on the list now.

Here's a peek at what you'll learn:

  • Fun, little-known techniques for writing 'like you' (and not a sleazy Internet marketer/bro dude or online #girlcrush)
  • Top 'hacks' for getting your mindset "write" (read: get over comparisonitis, perfectionism and procrastination so you can write more quickly and easily)
  • The real reasons no one cares about (or comments on) your posts or snaps up your seemingly sexy offers – and how to change all that fast
  • How to whip up super-inspiring content that also inspires readers to whip out their wallets (yes, you can totally do both!)
  • WTF your message really is and how to use it to differentiate yourself (plus a simple formula for articulating it in a sexy-but-succinct way)
  • How to 'speak' right to your people (spoiler alert: you simply ask them what they want!)
  • PLUS a peek into my writing routine (+ tips on how to make yours more sacred + sexy + FUN), my fave writing tools and LOTS MORE!

So, who’s running this (and why?) 🦄 

Hi babe. I’m Erica Lee Strauss, former celeb gossip reporter and in-house beauty copywriter and current pixie-sized copywriter + copy coach for sassy-yet-classy coaches, consultants + creatives.

Nowadays, my thing is helping women entrepreneurs write crazy-compelling copy + content that “sounds like you and makes sales, too.”

After 4 years working with hundreds (yes, really) of biz bombshells – from six figure online superstars to sexy startups – to convey their value in succinct language that sells sans sleaze, here’s what I know for sure:
Knowing how to write your own content + copy is crucial to the success of your online business.

Especially if you’re a coach, personal brand or just not in the market to shell out thousands on a copywriter every single month.

And TBH? Nobody can write your copy and content better than you.

Because creating ridiculously addictive content isn’t just about knowing the practical stuff – like having the right strategy, following the right template or using the perfect combination of power words– although it is. (And I’m ready to reveal ALL my secrets I’ve soaked up behind-the-scenes many multiple 5 and 6-figure launches.)

It’s also about infusing a little bit of magic. A little bit of passion. And a lotta bit of YOU – into every single thing you create.
Ridiculously Addictive Content Bootcamp – and I! – will show you how. 

xo, E


Here’s what you get when you say “OMG yes!”:

:: Daily short-n-sweet video lesson and/or PDF workbook. From September 18-20,  you’ll wake up to a fresh lesson including both a practical and a ‘magical’ tip to create more compelling (read: ridiculously addictive) copy and content, right in your inbox. Nothing for you to do but pop it open and devour!

:: Daily homework and practical exercises to get ish done. Because inspiration without action equals a whole lotta nothin’, you’ll receive one practical action to take each day of the challenge to up your content creation game.

:: Facebook Live Q+A (time TBD). Bring your Q’s (and your fave bevvy) to our Livestream and I’ll bring my best A’s. And wine, obvs. 😉 

Ready for it? Pop your info. in the boxes below + let’s do this.


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