A 90-day group mentorship program for sassy-yet-classy women coaches + creatives who want to master their message, write like themselves online and create copy + content that makes dream clients think, “OMG she gets me – now take all my money!"
Sooo like...ever found yourself 40 scrolls deep in someone’s blog/Instagram/Facebook feed and falling more in love with every post? 
Or frantically snapped up someone’s program/service before reading the full sales page because it was just that effing good?

Or obsessively refreshed your inbox actually wanting to catch a new email newsletter (and maybe a hot new offer) from someone you recently discovered (and kiiiinda got obsessed with)?

What if you could become that someone?

What if you, too, could learn to write copy + content that makes your dreamboat clients think, “OMG, she gets it – now take all my money!”?

….Without doing anything weird, shady or that doesn’t feel 100% like you, obviously.

Spoiler alert: You can.
“Ugh. I need to write/update my website, but I don’t know what to say or how to say it so people ‘get it.’ I don’t even really know what ‘my message’ is anyway. Shit. I guess I could just watch one more Big Little Lies ep instead…”

“I have so many ideas it’s crazy! I can’t even wrap my head around #allthethings I want to share! Oh god, here it comes – word vomit!”

“I feel so unoriginal and uninspired. Everything’s already been said – better – by someone else. Why even bother posting at all?”

“People love my content – I get ALL the comments and heart-eye emojis – so why the hell can’t I make any actual sales from my shizz?”
You’re ogling the posts of other (glossy, glamorous) peeps in your niche who effortlessly pump out crazy-good content people love (and buy from) like it aint no thing + wonder how TF they do it because you can’t get a single word out without quadruple guessing it.

And you desperately want to "find your voice" so you can stop sounding like a copycat version of every other #girlboss/#bossbabe/#gurugirl online, but everything you write sounds awfully like someone else. You really want to find a way of ‘speaking online’ that’s uniquely yours – yet still connects with others.

Oh, and you’re oh-so-over creating content that no one clicks or comments on (let alone converts into actual dollars) and don’t want to spend one more minute/hour/weekend that should be spent #brunching and hitting up those cute Paint+Wine nights painstakingly creating content no one really cares about just because you "should" ...

Been there, felt that?

Then you, my love, are right where you need to be.
Hi babe.
I’m Erica Lee Strauss, 
a pixie‐sized copywriter + content coach who’s all about helping sassy-yet- classy coaches creatives make money with their message.

I’m a trained conversion and direct response copywriter (which means I’ve actually studied the art and science of what gets people to say YES) and a former pop culture reporter (which means I have top-shelf knowledge of all things Kardashian...which comes in handy more often than one might think).

To date, I’ve collaborated with hundreds of business bombshells – from six figure online superstars to sexy startups on tiny‐but‐mighty missions –– to convey their value in succinct, sexy language that sells without giving up their voice or vision.

I’ve literally written hundreds of websites and more content than I can shake a wand of Dior mascara at for clients across niches so their brands stand out and their offers sell out. 

And these aren’t just words that are fun to read (although they are). 

My words have helped my clients:
:: Make multi-five and six figures from their offers (everything from high-end coaching services to online courses to masterminds – oh my! ;) )
:: Grow their email lists by hundreds
:: Create passive income streams that brought in their first sales – and continue to bring in hundreds more
:: Boost engagement from their emails (not to mention the gushing replies and gotta-book-you inquiries)

Oh, and I guess I should probably also mention my own offers sell out every.single.time I launch something new (even though I have what most might consider a teeny-tiny list) and my own email open rates average between 23-50% (well above industry standards). 

(My personal motto is: “Keep your head, heels and email open rates high.” That is how that saying goes, right?)

But enough about me.
I created #Binge-worthy because there’s simply way too many talented, smart, otherwise savvy AF women biz owners out there struggling to write copy and content people feel inspired by – and inspired to buy from.
I’ve watched women labor over sales pages to the point of hand cramps (and impending tendonitis), threaten to throw their gorg rose gold MacBooks out the window because they couldn’t get their ‘about’ page just right and even had a few contemplate calling it quits forevs because they saw a competitor launch an eerily similar offer to a new idea they had but hadn’t acted on because procrastination.

And real talk? It sucks to watch women who do work that matters to them (and the planet) – and just don’t know how to talk about it – give up or (almost) go off the rails.
It’s not really their fault. (Or yours, either!)
For real.

When you’re trying to get clear on a new or new-ish message, write or rewrite your website, or simply start creating content people actually care about and care enough about to take action on…

Things can get a little crazy.

I mean, there’s sooooo much conflicting information out there.
“Forget about attracting clients. Just write from your heart.”

“No – your clients are everything! Only deliver what they need and soon you’ll be laughing your way to the bank, new Louis bag in tow.”

“You should always follow templates and formulas. They’re proven to work. Don’t try to make this stuff up or you’ll fall flat on your face.”

“Ugh. Templates are SO last century. Just channel your intuition/the Divine/the big U and the sales will come rolling in.”

Not to mention, there’s also the ‘million marks’ you feel like you need to hit to ‘complete’ any piece of writing. Le sigh.

No wonder so many women want to (maybe not-so) gracefully bow out.

I mean, the sheer madness of it all is more than enough to drive someone to drink (Rose, preferably)...or, you know, chuck their lovely laptop out the window.
But here’s what you should know:
None of this is ‘wrong’ information, per se.

But it IS misleading.
Because the truth is, compelling, drool-worthy, OMG-I-CAN’T-STOP-READING copy and content requires both sizzle and strategy. 
You can follow all the right formulas, templates and use the just-perfect combination of power words in your copy...but if you’re not over-the-moon excited about your offer it WILL fall flat.

Same goes for writing with heart. If you’re word vomiting from a place of overflowing passion without knowing why or how this serves your client...well, you’re basically just a poet, not a business owner.

(And trust me. I say this with love. I do moonlight as a poet, after all. )

But when you know how to do both, babe? Incredible things happen.

When you combine the magical with the practical and the sizzle with the right touch of strategy, a whole new world opens up. (Cue the Aladdin song, please.)

For example:
::You show up every day knowing exactly how to convey what you do (and why the hell others need it/love it/gotta have it) in words, without feeling braggy or (worse) hype-y 
:: Your website flawlessly captures your essence – and captures the hearts of your dreamboat clients – in succinct-yet-sexy language that inspires and inspires action (and you get new inquiries on a regular – not sporadic – basis)
::You can whip up a wickedly-powerful newsletter or bang out a brilliant blog post without laboring over every. single. word.
:: Oh, and you (FINALLY) feel confident in your writing skills, your offers, your business and hell, yourself ;) 

All without faking it, forcing it or freaking out over it ;) 

And get this gorg, this can happen for you even if right now:
:: You don’t believe you’re a “good” writer
:: You’re unsure of your ‘message’ and think most of your writing is a jumbled mess
:: You’re scared to put yourself out there and hear crickets
:: You freeze up every time you sit down to write, second guess every word and can’t stay inspired for shit
It’s alllll possible.
Copywriting and content creation really doesn't have to suck.
In fact, it can actually be a very fun, fulfilling and (eventually) fruitful process...once you master just a few practical – and a few slightly magical ;) – skills.

And darling, I’m here to show you the way. 

#Binge-worthy is a 90-day group mentorship program designed for sassy-yet-classy women coaches + creatives like you who want to up your copywriting + content creation game so you can (finally) find your voice, write or rewrite your entire site + create ridiculously addictive (written) content for your peeps.

From technical skills like creating high-converting calls to action and boosting your email open rates to less-technical skills like creating a writing routine that rocks and amping up your confidence to create the content you really wanna create, #Binge-worthy is designed to teach you everything you need to create content that does all the C's – connects, converts and sounds just like a conversation with the BFF.

Oh, and you’ll have fun along the way, of course.

All with a hot combo of sizzle and strategy. Cause that’s how I roll
By the end of #Binge-worthy, you’ll have:
A fully-defined brand voice and message (with a brand voice guide to prove it) 
An entire website (including home, about, services, sales and all the other fun, bonus pages nobody thinks about) 
Up to 6 months of content for your fave social media platform or marketing channel(s)
Signed, sealed and ready-to-be delivered.
Killer writing confidence
Less emoji-laced comments and more actual inquiries/sales
Fabulous hair. (Oh, wait. You have that already. ;) )
What’s included? Here’s the skinny:
Basic Level
Weekly short-n-sweet lessons on voice/messaging, writing your site and content marketing 
Weekly office hours via Facebook Live (you can see my silly face in REAL TIME and ask me ANYTHING! You can even bring wine! ;) )
Private Facebook community with around-the-clock access to moi to get all your copy Q’s answered and get feedback (and jokes) from your fellow writer-friends

All the Templates from blog posts to about me pages to email sequences (because yes, I’m a believer in them and they work like magic...for some people.) 
“Watch Me Work” Over-the-Shoulder Copy Reviews where you’ll periodically get access to videos where you can watch me write or edit copy in real time, hear me explain my choices and see exactly how you can use the same principles to improve your writing. (I’ll even ask for students to submit their copy for these reviews from time-to-time!) 
Bonus guest experts in #allthethings – from Instagram to Web Design to Sales Calls

VIP Level
Everything in the Basic level 

Monthly personalized screencast copy reviews so you know exactly what to tweak and why. You'll learn your copy strengths and your copy not-so-strengths as I edit and occasionally rewrite your copy using both a screencast (for explanation) and the Google Docs suggesting feature – so better copy is literally available at the click of a button. 

(Yes, seriously. Every single month, you’ll receive an in-depth review on any piece of copy you choose. I know, I’m a little insane. I also know THIS is what most “copywriting programs” are really lacking.)
But wait! There’s more...
Did somebody say bonuses?
(Well, not yet. But I’m about to. ;) )
Bonus #1: Lifetime access to ALL the materials (Value: Priceless)

Bonus #2: VIP Group Get-’er-Done Days: Throughout the program, I’m hosting one “Get-er-Done” Day (are my Midwestern roots showing? ;) ) per month, where we’ll get ish done together. I’ll be around all day long to answer your questions in real time. (Value: $300)
Sorry, babe! Registration is now closed.
3 payments X $199
3 payments X $350
Is #Binge-worthy for you?
I know there are about a billion programs, courses and ‘experiences’ out there nowadays–which is another reason standing out with your copy and content is more important now than ever. But, I truly want to make sure #Binge-worthy is the right choice for every single student who says OMG yes.

Which means? I will never tell you this is the ONLY solution to your writing issues, or that you should take out a new line of credit to work with me, or that you’re obviously not really committed if you decide to pass on this round.
Be warned though, babe: #Binge-worthy isn’t an online course.

It’s actually a high-touch group mentorship program that’s broken down into monthly themes with simple weekly lessons that turn the copy + content creation process into a total cinch.  (Which is WAY cooler than any course, anyway, amiright? ;) )

You’ll get the most from #Binge-worthy if:
:: You’re new or new-ish to business or a vet looking to rebrand and “figuring out your message” has become the bane of your existence

:: You know what you want to say (kinda) but get caught up in the comparison trap when you see other talented ladies and how perfectly they get their message across

:: You adore your work but (digitally) clam up when it comes to writing copy and/or content that sells said work

:: You can't seem to turn #alltheideas in your head into coherent, cohesive pieces of writing (and it's frustrating AF)
:: You're never quite sure if your writing flows or fumbles. (It feels like a very fine line...which is not nearly as fun as a very fine wine.)

:: You're perpetually struggling to find your unique voice (and you’re starting to wonder if you even have one)

:: You seriously don't want to sound like somebody – or everybody – else in your copy and content

:: You get totes jeal when you see others crushing it with their content and copy. Whyyyy can’t that be you?!

:: You’re a pretty good writer, but when it comes to knowing how to put things together on the page you’re lost

:: You’re a procrastinator and/or perfectionist. Anytime you’ve got a writing project on your plate, you somehow find yourself catching up on DVR’ed Real Housewives, painting your toenails, organizing your crystal collection…anything not to start!)

:: You truly (madly, deeply) want to infuse "your voice" into your writing, while still sounding professional

:: You just don't want to create any more content just for content creation's sake. You want your copy + content to really move people – and really move people to buy. 
BTW, people seem to like working with me. Here’s what a few gems had to say about their experience:
“Erica is a genius. Her packages are worth every penny plus more. I think my brain exploded reading all the names she came up with for me when I purchased her Namedrop package. I was seriously floored and amazed. Not only were all the names perfect, but I couldn’t choose just one–and the storm of ideas will keep me busy for months! If you're thinking about hiring Erica, don't just think about it – do it.”  – Jenn Scalia, business coach

"I gained so much from working with you! Thank you for giving my voice the clarity and courage to come forward. I'm so excited and relieved to have a brilliant and feisty copywriter on my side. It's given me confidence to move forward with my ideas, knowing that when I have trouble finding my voice, you're there to help put those ideas into words. I'm so glad I invested in my content. It's been a game changer for me personally and professionally."Holly Ferris, Keeper in Balance Bookkeeping
“Working with Erica is like having my best friend write about me and my work in the first-person. Our first meeting over Skype was such a good time that I immediately wished she lived closer, so we could go out for a glass of wine afterwards. But instead, I got incredible copy for my website within DAYS. Erica is brilliant; she has this fabulous ability to get all fun and friendly with her client, so that she can get inside their head to take all those disjointed thoughts and distill them into conversational and accessible copy… and she does it so unbelievably fast that there’s no other explanation than she’s a freaking genius.
It really did feel like being a celebrity for a week, and the results are a priceless reminder of what can happen when you work with a real professional… who also happens to be a damn good time. –– Sara Harrier, coach

“Erica rocked my world. This was my first time working with a copywriter and it’s one of the BEST investments I’ve made in 9 years of business! My biggest fear was that Erica wouldn’t be able to get into the minds and hearts of my clients speak to them in a way that made it sound like it was coming from ME. Well, she nailed it. I actually cried when I read the first draft of my bio. I now have a website that I am excited and proud to share and the investment was a no-brainer because I earned it back so quickly, reaching more of my ideal clients, faster! I can’t recommend Erica highly enough and she’ll be a part of my team for many years to come!” – Crystal Di Domizio, PrenatalCoach.com

“I had so much to do that making the time to sit down and write a draft was not happening. I hadn’t heard of Erica before, but her first email SOLD ME! She is definitely one of the best copywriters I’ve ever worked with! I would absolutely recommend Erica to anyone looking for a copywriter.” – Kendrick Shope, Creator of Authentic Selling
"Working with Erica was awesome! She was very professional and I loved the little touches! I felt like she truly cared about me + my business and now I feel really confident about this copy and promoting this new program! " – Danyelle Gibson-Grant, lifestyle coach

"When I got my copy I could not stop reading it over and over. It was so good. Once I received the final copy I was so amazed how well it was written and how it portrayed me and would attract my ideal client. Erica has such talent with her words. I highly recommend her–all the way from the land down under!" – Melissa Ayling, Hypnobirthing Geraldton
"I'm in a field that's got a reputation for being boring. I wanted a copywriter that would allow my personality to shine through, yet maintain an balance of class. Erica delivered. I tried to do it myself, but kept struggling. Nothing sounded right. As a result, I grew anxious and ended up procrastinating. Finally, I can hit the publish button. I'm in love with my copy." – Taynia Aarnink, PocketWatch Bookkeeping

“Erica swung in when I needed her most, new services launch time. In short order she created bangin’ sales pages that spoke to my people and were infused with ME. It was amazing to see my work spring to life on the page. She saved me weeks of agonizing over word choices & sales page structure. Now, they’re done for me and landing me clients. So much win.” – Ellen Ercolini, business coach
“Erica is a pint-sized tornado of wordy goodness. After hiring her for a ‘Namestorm’ project she delivered exactly what I was after and immediately cut through the swamp of boring nonsensical ‘blah’ that I was creating on my own and got to the heart of my project in a few spiffy lines. I’m chuffed to bits. She’s super quick to get the work done and she really ‘sees’ what you and your project are about. I’ll certainly be back for more.” – Amy Humphries, professional career escape strategist

“I highly recommend Erica! So much fun to work with and I’m so pleased with what she whipped up! She was able to take all of my muddled thoughts and put them neatly in place to paint a picture of my services and passion that makes me want to sign up for myself. See right there? Erica would have made that last sentence read so much cooler, yet still sound like me.” – Kathy Stowell, Bliss Before Naptime
“…Erica just took the ideas I had and (all super speedy like) whipped them into a sales page that made me want to buy what I was offering! The icing on the cake is she’s lovely! I really enjoyed my time chatting with her before she started writing and felt like she was genuinely interested and cared about my project. I’ve recommended her to several of my clients and I can’t stop hearing about how awesome she is!” –Allison Braun, Business Joyologist
“I was so nervous to bring an expert into my copy because I thought that it would make my work feel salesy and forced, but Erica asked the right questions, understood what I needed and made sure that my heart was in everything she wrote. Erica is real, funny, friendly, kind and has such a talent of supporting you in bringing out your true voice and owning your brilliance. This was such an amazing experience. Thank you Erica for bringing my Launch & Live program to life” – Safiyah Satterwhite, Lifestyle & Business Coach For Women Entrepreneurs

“My favorite thing about working with Erica was how much she truly got my voice. She is the ONLY person who understands my own voice more than I understand it. Truly incredible! Since working with Erica, the #1 investment that I recommend all of my own clients make is copywriting. I knew copywriting was important, but I didn't understand how fundamental it was to business. I don't know how I went so long without it.”
 – Hope Brookins, personal branding strategist
3 payments X $199
3 payments X $350
Wanna know exactly what you’ll learn?
Since #Binge-worthy is a program, not a course, the information below is subject to change based on what the group needs, wants and asks for. Around here, your opinion matters, boo. ;)
Month 1: Find Your Voice
This month, you’ll learn how to do stuff like:
  •  Get your mind “write” to write ;)
  •  Basic writing skillz for not-so-basic bitches (that’s you ;) )
  •  Find (read: bend) time to write and create a writing routine that works for you
  •  Boost your writing confidence and beat perfectionism and procrastination (although beat sounds a little aggressive for my taste, but you know what I mean ;) )
  •  Pull #allthethings you wanna say into a cohesive brand message + sales messages (When you know your message, creating content, products, services – and confidently promoting them – becomes a total breeze...and dare I say it, even kinda fun!)
  •  Answer the question, “What do I stand for – and how do I say it in succinct, sexy way that connects and converts?”
  •  Craft a USP without feeling like a sleaze or thinking, “I can’t promise that!”
  •  Create a Brand Voice Guide (so you’re never left wondering, “Should I use this word or that one?” ever again)
  •  Discover (and articulate) your signature story across #alltheplatforms
  •  Write with pizzazz and personality (without sounding unprofessional)
  •  Unearth (and articulate) your signature stories
Month 1 #Goals: Create a consistent brand voice that showcases your unique personality + connects with your ideal customer. 
Month 2: Write (or Rewrite) Your Site
Next, you’ll learn how to do stuff like:
  • Choose the ‘right’ words to write with MORE! EMOTION!
  •  Avoid industry jargon (+ what the hell to say instead)
  •  Make sure everything you write flows and transitions well and doesn't sound like a bunch of random thoughts thrown together
  •  Write your Home, About and Services/Sales pages (yes, basically your whole site)
  •  Write and add some much-needed personality to your site's most-often forgotten pages - like your contact page, 404 page, etc.
  •  Craft calls to action that close the deal with zeal
  •  Write persuasive headlines on a deadline
Month 2 #Goals: Write your entire website with your succinct-yet-sexy message woven throughout. FINALLY.
Month 3: Create Ridiculously Addictive Content
Finally, this month you'll learn stuff like:
  • Authentic and ‘vulnerable’ marketing and how to do it without coming across as whiny or weird or ‘that girl’ who shares wayyyy too much
  •  How to come up with wildly original ideas for #allthesocialmedias and STAY CONSISTENT
  •  Creating story-based social media posts, emails, sales pages, you name it
  •  Choosing your content hub (aka ‘your spot’ online – and what this means)
  •  Writing newsletters that aren’t snooze-letters
  •  Rocking out your Instagram captions like the witty wordsmith you (now) are
  •  Writing Facebook posts that inspire, engage and sell (and a peek at how to write #winning Facebook ads, too)
  •  Blogging + Guest Blogging like a girlboss (which means: blogging for your BUSINESS :) )
Month 3 #Goals: Turn you into a content queen (I refuse to call you a content machine ;) ), so you can start to funnel traffic to your freshly-published online presence.
Registration is now closed until 2018.
After pouring my heart, soul and insane amount of caffeine into collab’ing with literally hundreds of women in business, here’s what know that for sure (as Oprah says): 
No one can write your copy and content like you can.
...Especially if you’re a coach, creative, personal brand or other one-woman-show.

Just think about how awesome (and deeply soul-satisfying) it’ll be when:

Your dreamboat clients are 40 posts deep in your Instagram or blog (or hell, Facebook biz page) because you’re so.damn.intriguing….
And they’re snapping up your offers left and right without even reading your entire sales page (oh, the blasphemy! ;) ) because they were hooked right from the start...
And they’re even replying to your emails and newsletters saying your shizz was poignant and beautiful and made them feel a little less alone on this crazy planet...
Oh, and you also don't have to wait months to whip up new offers or share your shit or shell out thousands every time you get an inspired new idea (which, as we know, is like every .5 seconds).

That’s what life looks like after #Binge-worthy.

Ready for that life?
Got questions? Here are my A’s to the most common Q’s:
I’ve taken other copywriting and/or content creation courses before. What makes this different?
You’re learning strategies and techniques that have been vetted, tested and used by hundreds of my clients.

You’re also learning how to actually have fun while implementing said strategies. But seriously: If affirmations bug you out, or you can’t imagine doing a guided meditation, or you’re just not into talking about writing routines and breathing techniques and creative anxiety and why perfectionism is TOTES killing your writing buzz, this prob isn’t the class for you. 
But if you’re down to create wildly original and inspired copy and content that takes your clients from “OMG, this chick gets me” to “OMG, I need this” (and have FUN doing it...and maybe gettin’ a little WOO)? This is SO for you.
(Rhymed not intended, but always welcome ‘round here. ;) )
I already have a business, and a website, and a content marketing plan. Is this for me?
Do you feel like your current business message, copy or content is totally off-base with what you truly want to be sharing in the world? Has “rewrite website copy” been chillin' on your Trello to do list for more months than you’d really like to admit? Do you want to make sure everything you share is on-point and on-brand and on-the-money (or, I guess more accurately, ready to bring in the money)? Then yes, yes, a thousand times...yes.
I don’t actually have an official business or website...or following. Is this for me?
Because #Binge-worthy starts at the very beginning (a very good place to start ;) ) with messaging, mindset and “finding your voice,” HELL YES. Obviously, the more of the basics – what you do, who you serve – you've got locked down, the better. But if you're rebranding or just a baby biz owner (meaning your business is brand new, not that you're actually a mom...unless you are – which is great, too! ;) ), you can learn a lot here.
What do you mean when you say you're gonna teach us magical and energetic principles?
Okay, loves. I’m not the woo-iest woman on the block, but over the years, I’ve realized that when people say copywriting is an art and a science, what they mean is that it’s both magical and practical. Like, creative and scientific. So, when I say I’m teaching you the magical/energetic principles behind quality copy and content, I mean I’m not just gonna tell you how to craft killer calls to action – I’m going to make sure you’re adding your personality and doing shit and writing things that feel good and aligned. Because when you're doing and sharing what you're truly meant to do and share? That's when the magic – and the money – happens. I believe it's hard to create content that you feel GOOD about (and others feel GOOD about), if you don't 100 percent believe in it. Make sense?
Alright, sounds sweet. WTF is included again, though?
 Weekly short-n-sweet lessons on voice/messaging, writing your site and content marketing delivered via PDF or video to your inbox (I’ll be switching it up for fun’s sake)
Weekly office hours via Facebook or Facebook Live (you can see my silly face in REAL TIME and ask me ANYTHING! You can even bring wine! ;) )
Private Facebook community with around-the-clock access to moi to get all your copy Q’s answered and get feedback (and jokes) from your fellow writer-friends
All the Templates from blog posts to about me pages to email sequences (because yes, I’m a believer in them and they work like magic...for some people.) 
“Watch Me Work” Over-the-Shoulder Copy Reviews where you’ll periodically get access to videos where you can watch me write or edit copy in real time, hear me explain my choices and see exactly how you can use the same principles to improve your writing
Bonus guest experts in #allthethings – from Instagram to Web Design to Sales Calls

And if you go VIP, you’ll get monthly personalized copy reviews (Yes, seriously. I know, I’m a little insane. But I know THIS is what most “copywriting programs” are really lacking. Every single month, you can send me a piece of copy for an in-depth review.)
So, really, it's now or never if alla that ^^^^ sounds awesome. :)
Is there a refund policy?
Since this is the first round of this program, we don’t have a specific money-back guarantee in place. What I can tell you, though is that I’ve never had a private copywriting client request a refund after all the work was said and done. However, I’m a flexible (and usually pretty friendly) gal, soooo if you’re extremely unhappy with your experience within the first 14 days (and you’ve been following along, doing the homework and asking Q’s in the Facebook group), you can simply email our team at erica@ericaleexo.com and we’ll work it out.
Give me 90 days and I’ll show you how to take your content + copywriting skills to #binge-worthy status. 
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