What if writing copy + content for your business could be super easy and fun? 
It's possible – (for real!) – and I can show you how.
#Binge-worthy is a 90-day group mentorship program where you'll get 1:1 help from an expert copywriter (that's moi) up level your copywriting + content creation skills so you can find your voice, write your site + create 6 months worth of ridiculously addictive content for your peeps.

<3 Three glorious months of personalized and group mentorship to help you hone your copywriting skills to #binge-worthy status

<3 Weekly PDF lessons on voice/messaging, writing your site or content marketing 

<3 Bi-weekly office hours via Facebook Live, so we can chill in REAL TIME and ask me ANYTHING live! You can even bring wine! :) )

<3 Monthly personalized copy reviews so you know exactly what to tweak and why. You'll learn your copy strengths and your copy not-so-strengths. (Yes, seriously. I know, I’m a little insane. But I know THIS is what most “copywriting programs” are really lacking.)

<3 Private Facebook community to get A's to all your copy Q’s, plus around-the-clock feedback (and fun!) from your fellow writer-friends (plus moi!)

<3 Bonus guest experts in #allthethings – from Instagram to Website Design and back again :)

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#Binge-worthy: Find Your Voice, Write Your Site + Create Ridiculously Addictive Content 
Erica Lee Strauss is a pixie-sized copywriter + copy coach who helps sassy-yet-classy coaches, consultants + creatives write crazy-compelling copy + content that “sounds like you and makes sales, too.”
A total pro at helping clients “find their voices” and make writing for their business (hella) fun, Erica has collaborated with hundreds of badass biz bombshells – from six figure online superstars to sexy startups –– to convey their value in succinct language that sells sans sleaze.
When she’s not penning shiny sales pages or mind-blowing bios (the kind that often make her clients cry fat tears of joy and relief), you’ll probably catch her downward-dogging in hot yoga, sipping an iced caramel macchiato + ferociously scribbling in her (Kate Spade) notebook, at an outdoor concert or online shopping. #noshame
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