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tasty tip o’ the day: will other people accept my flaws?

the answer is simple:
people will accept your flaws as much as they accept their own.

that being said, if someone does judge you or “doesn’t accept” you, it’s only because they don’t love some part of their own self.

and that, my friends, is far worse for them than for you.

Something wicked this way comes.

Wicked cool, that is.

Keep me in your bookmarks – I’ll be back. Soon.



be careful what you wish for,
’cause you just might get it.

I’m so sorry I’ve been M.I.A. I’m actually — believe it or not — dealing with all of my many wishes coming true right at once.

Sexy, intelligent, creative boyfriend? Check.
Full-time, remote, pop culture reporting job? Check.
Ability to finally move the eff out of my parent’s house? Check, again!

I’m not sure where this blog is going to go now. It’s a little hard to pump out about 12 stories/day (, check me out!) and feel like I want to write when all is said & done. Maybe one day, but right now I just can’t handle all that … staring at the computer.

So consider this my official declaration of a hiatus.

I’ll be thinking of you daily!


24: Things I’ve Learned & Goals I Have.

There are three hundred and sixty-four days when you might get un-birthday presents … and only one for birthday presents, you know. — Lewis Carroll

Today, I turn 24. That seems like an unbelievably large number (especially considering the fact that I’m writing this post from my room in my parent’s house — not exactly where I thought I’d be on my big 2-4). But whether or not I want to believe it, another year has zoomed by.

Don’t get me wrong: Regardless of the number of candles on my cake, I LOVE birthdays. Birthdays have always had this sort of magical, however ephemeral, quality to me. For one day, those mere 24 hours (gah — there’s that number again!), I feel a little bit more important, a little more excited & a lot more contemplative than I do on the other 364 days of the year.

Yeah, I’m that girl. I’ve been known to cry on my birthdays — & not always out of happiness. But I do always get a little crazy with the “next year” goal-setting. So, to break the pattern (lesson #7!) I wanted to try to slow down & take a big ole’ breather on my b-day. Instead of rushing ahead full-speed like the oftentimes too motivated type-A child I am, I decided to take a long pause to reflect on all the awesome, intense, ridiculous & all-too-human lessons that have been bestowed on me over the decades. Oh, and then I wanted to share them with you. I hope you’re cool with that.

BY THE WAY — please forgive me for any over-sentimentality lately. Writing a novel sure brings out the drama queen in me.

24 Things I’ve Learned in 24 Years::

I, Erica Lee, during the first 24 years of my life have found the following statements to be “my truth”:

1. I can make time for myself.

2. “Be careful what you wish for — ’cause you just might get it.” Whatever you wish, know that those dreams coming true will also mean an immense amount of change.

3. If you have things to give away, consider yourself very lucky.

4. Music is the best medicine.

5. Pills (prescription or otherwise) aren’t permanent solutions.

6. Never buy the smaller size item in an attempt to force yourself to lose weight.

7. Doing one new — or scary — activity every week keeps life exciting.

8. There’s no better time to do that thing than NOW.

9. Most people will always put themselves & their interests first, no matter what. Remember this & act accordingly when you’re faced with tough decisions.

10. You have to know & love yourself before you can truly know & love someone else.

11. Good lighting & a nice camera can make anyone look hot in photographs.

12. Everything that annoys you about someone else really does provide you with some insight into what you wish you could change about yourself — but not worrying about or analyzing other people & what they do is much easier on the mind.

13. No matter how much you resist it, change will come — in yourself, in your environment & in others.

14. Friendships offer us a more solid foundation than anything else.

15. Nobody knows what goes on inside your head. This is equal parts liberating & TERRIFYING. This also means that all that mind reading you do is really for naught.

16. You might share blood with your family, but you don’t have to share vices.

17. Adding new words into your vocabulary can spice up any conversation — and make you feel like a new person. I feel instantly cooler when I throw words like “sick” into a convo.

18. A little extra effort to stay organized every day is unbelievably helpful.

19. Even if you’re not leaving the house, it makes you feel better about yourself if you put on a little makeup.

20. None of us chose to be here, but now that we are, we might as well have a damn good time — & ensure that others around us do, too.

21. As long as your hair & eyebrows look good, nothing else about your outfit really matters.

22. Nobody thinks being a hard-ass is cool.

23. Love will always, always, ALWAYS show up out of nowhere & totally take you by surprise — for better or worse.

24. Glitter is the ultimate accessory, second only to a big heart & wide smile.

We turn not older with years, but newer every day. — Emily Dickinson

24 Goals for My 24th Year::

1. Make at least 1k/month from writing.

2. Publish (or at the very least, write) a novel.

3. Write & produce one dubstep song.

4. Perform hoop dancing in front of an audience.

5. Start training to become a yoga teacher.

6. Learn to forgive myself — completely.

7. Be more open & make at least one new female friend.

8. Hang out with more people who have similar interests.

9. Find my own place.

10. Become financially independent.

11. Reduce my ecological footprint.

12. Learn how to do a killer smokey eye.

13. Have someone photograph me.

14. Go scuba diving.

15. Run a half-marathon.

16. Donate everything I don’t need to charity.

17. Plan an epic vacation (following through optional).

18. Build a wardrobe fit for a 24-year-old (um, yes, I still wear shirts, jeans & even some undies from 8th grade because I haven’t grown!)

19. Learn to take fantastic photos.

20. Give up the social smoking.

21. Learn to believe that I DESERVE IT when good things happen.

22. Become infinitely more organized in my home, my car & on my computer.

23. Work through my issues with my family — when I’m a safe distance away.

24. Embrace any change that comes my way and continue to SCARE, STRETCH & IMPROVE every day (even if that just means reading a book over watching the Kardashians…again).

No wise man ever wished to be younger. — Jonathan Swift

love list: 10.31.10

Bonjour, sugar! I’m so unbelievably amped up right now — today is one of my favorite days of the year⁄! Not only does this weekend mean I get to spend almost 48 hours wearing false eyelashes, crazy makeup, huge fairy wings & dancing like mad, it also means the Scorpio season is in full-swing & my birthday is a mere few days away (!!). I’m one of those types who believes that birthdays are supposed to be the most special, amazing day of the year, so my brain has been buzzing with all the crazy plans I’m making for the next few weeks (because, yes, my birthday celebration is usually more like a birthmonth celebration).

Wishing you all the spookiest, treatiest and glitteriest Halloween yet!

x I’m spending my Halloween weekend at a hotel water park (!!) To help me explain how awesome this is, here are the deets: We’re staying the night in one large hotel room (bottle of liquor provided!), there’s a costume party tonight w/ one LONG night of awesome local music on two stages inside the hotel ballroom and the music plays until 4 am! ; at 4 am, a FREE buffet breakfast commences & at 11 am the water park opens — with TWO MORE stages of DJs playing until 5 pm Sunday. Whew! I.can’ x Passing out candy to trick-or-treaters for my first time, dressed as Tinkerbell x Starting 2 new writing gigs — one for a fashion site, another for a celeb gossip site (more on this soon!) xNew music: Bassnectar — Wildstyle EP, Pendumlum — Immersion, Lykke Li’s new single “Get Some” (available on her website fo’ free!), Pretty Lights — Filling Up the City Skies (Part One) & my new favorite song, Shawn Lee – “Kiss the Sky” x Watching The Human Centipede, which is just as ridiculous as Tosh.0 warned us it would be x First kisses & drinking an entire bottle of home-brewed sweet apple wine to the face x
Learning how to do the vortex & the corkscrew with my hula hoop x Finding tiny white vintage shoes in my Mom’s closet that totally complete the Tinkerbell ensemble x


Isn’t it funny how we think we are immortal? Like every day we go about our lives not thinking about the concept of death. What do you want to do with your life? What do you love to do? Are you happy with where you are at? We are made to live, move around a little, take risks, enjoy simple things, love and serve people, not hold petty grudges and live inside fear and insecurities. Oh how horrible it would be to spend our lives building a empire of dirt and say at the end of our time that we wasted it all. What will you change tonight?

♥ This week, Joy posted an extremely honest, revealing, awesome video called “This Is My Body” in honor of Love Your Body Day.

♥ A must-read for writers: the three words that will make an editor love you.

Fajr wrote a review of Kelly Cutrone’s book that I love. Maybe I’m biased, but I think Kelly’s one of the most kick ass, hard-working, brutally honest yet still totally loving women I know. Oh, and she’s a Scorpio…

♥ Again from In Wanderment: Write a Life List.

♥ I’ve been researching a lot about PR lately, so I really got into this interview with Melissa Davis, founder of Ruby Press PR

♥ Finally! This Just In: Not All Guys Are The Same. Oh, really?

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

♥ Independent Fashion Bloggers was full of good stuff this week: Act ‘as if’ blogging were your day job and they linked to this: The 7 Common Reactions to Style which is I think is so (laughably) true.

Getting Magnified with Nubby Twiglet on is a very insightful and inspiring interview about how to live a creative life (& craft a creative career!)

♥ Yay! Sequins for all occasions.

♥ What’s a flexisexual? Um, I think I might be one, actually.

♥ Free education is something I can’t pass up (and yes, I probably only say this because I am currently $40,000 in debt due to college loans). I came across this site with FREE journalism classes and this Fashion & Pop Culture class from a university in Korea. Can you tell I miss college yet?

♥ Bassnectar remixed one of my favorite songs ever.

♥ Oy. This breaks my heart.

Now, it’s your turn! What did you fall in love with this week (I just hope it wasn’t this video of Audrina Patridge’s drunk ass mom — though I must admit, I don’t expect any better from reality “stars” anymore!)?

when to let go: friendships edition.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve never been too good at the whole “letting go” thing. I was absolutely horrible at it in high school (um, just ask any of my ex-boyfriends — I was a pain to break up with!) I didn’t get any better at it as I got older, either. Instead, over the years, I decided that the only way to rid myself of the pain of letting go was to never let anyone in in the first place. If you’re never close to anyone you have nothing to lose, right? Wrong. You’re already missing out on everything fun & awesome & good about life — and you’re not allowing yourself to learn how to have balanced, healthy friendships.

It sounds so scientific to talk about friendships like we’re talking about our dinner plates, I know. How can friendships really be labeled with words like “healthy” and “balanced”? Plus, when these words are thrown around to describe, well, everything — how do you know what it really means to have a healthy and balanced friendship?

I’m no expert, but I have definitely experienced a wide array of different friendships — and picked up a few cues as to what makes them work & what doesn’t.

So, how do you know when a friendship isn’t working?

1. when one, or both, of you has developed a chronic, unhealthy habit. Drugs, binge drinking, excessive shopping or consumption, reckless sex with strangers — none of this is good for a friendship. While everybody is allowed to let loose every once in awhile — key phrase being “once in awhile” — engaging in potentially dangerous acts on a consistent basis is just not cool. For your friend, or yourself! Watching a friend destroy themselves is probably the worst feeling in the world. And I’ve watched enough episodes of Intervention to know that if you continue to excuse your buddy’s bad behavior, you’re doing nothing but enabling them to continue it. Sometimes you have to completely cut off contact with pals who just don’t get that what they’re doing sucks. The good news? Sometimes the threat of losing your friendship is enough to shake them up a little. And if it’s not? There’s really nothing you can do. You are only ever responsible for yourself — and they, themselves.

2. when your interests have shifted dramatically. I have a friend right now who is like my polar opposite (besides the fact that we’re two of the smallest people on the planet), but we’ve been friends for over 11 years. However, as is completely normal and expected, I am not the same person today as I was in the 5th grade when I met this friend (um, I wore bell bottoms & played with Tamagotchis then, ya dig?). But regardless, we’ve always been able to find enough similar interests to keep our friendship going. For awhile. But, I was away in college for 5 years, and both of our lives took dramatic turns during this time — she became much more conservative, responsible and committed to her (government) job. I, on the other hand, spent five years drugging & boozing & drifting between crowds of hippies and hipsters and artists and slam poets. Our worlds were so different for so long that it’s impossible to deny the toll this has taken on our once-happy companionship. Our “friendship” has become little more than an excuse to drink together on the weekends (our once favorite shared pastime), but even all that social lubricant doesn’t give us enough whatever-it-is to sustain good conversations while we’re out (and who talks in bars, anyway?). Sometimes, as interests & people change, so do the way they relate to each other. It hurts to admit that our friendship is probably never going to be the way it was, but just like with most things, letting go of something that no longer fits allows room in our lives for new things (like friends who are hippies, hipsters & slam poets?)

3. try this: if you think of this person and feel anxious or drained — that’s a red flag. If the mere thought of talking to your “pal” gives you symptoms similar to a panic attack (or a narcoleptic one) — well, hello! It’s time (and probably overdue) to cut the ties. Make space for friends who energize and excite you. I promise you they’re out there.

4. if you truly feel you give more than you receive. Some people — and friendships — are all about taking all they possibly can from others & sucking them dry. When you’re involved in a friendship, sometimes it’s hard to see the line between “Oh, I’m such a good friend to this person” and “This person is totally abusing our friendship by asking me for ridiculous favors and insisting that everything go their way.” If you’re the type to give your frantic friend a last-minute ride to work when her car breaks down, but just “know” that she wouldn’t do the same for you (or you feel too afraid to ask), well — I’d say it’s time to tell that girl to find herself a new chauffeur — and BFF.

5. if the person doesn’t support you and your goals (which doesn’t mean they can’t think they’re kinda strange). Once a week, I decide I want to do, be or think something else. My interests change like Lady GaGa’s hairstyles. But the awesome thing about my closest friends is that they know and (I think?) like that about me. One friend told me the Katy Perry song “Hot & Cold” should be my theme song. My best friend laughed in my face when I told her I wanted to start hula hooping dancing (but still calls to ask me how it’s working out for me). Friends might not always agree with your opinions or fall in love with the same things, or people, that you do— but they should accept your little quirks & differences. If your “friends” belittle your crazy ideas (I mean, really. Hula hoop dancing?!), mock you or just plain make you feel bad about anything you do/say/think/feel, well, tell them to take the next train to “Ex-Friends-Who-Suck-ville.”

6. another way to test for red flags: call this friend. are there long, awkward silences where there used to be funny anecdotes, laughter & sharing? are your excitements met with “mm-hmms” or nothing at all — and do you do the same in return? Obviously, not every phone conversation with even our nearest & dearest can be awesome & happy & exciting. People get distracted, misinterpret cues to respond & sometimes, think when they should be listening (or talking). It happens. But if it happens all the time (I say, test this theory over the course of a month), it probably means something in your connection is missing. Perhaps it’s just a temporary phase — like if your friend or yourself just started a new relationship, job or moved somewhere new. But if it’s a pretty normal thing, and your lives are pretty much the same as they’ve always been, it could just be a sign that you’ve drifted from each other.

Are there exceptions?

I think that every situation in life allows for a little rule-bending. Like the drugged up friend you have? You don’t have to cut them off forever — but you do have to stay away until they decide to clean up their act. If they do? Feel free to reconnect (but at your own risk!)

Sometimes, friendships don’t need to hit the trash heap just because they meet a few of the criteria I mentioned above. Sometimes, friends just need a little breather from one another. I know that my best friend & I will spend hours, days, weeks together — and at the end of it all, need a little space to just chill out & be ourselves. We also go through phases when we are tighter, followed by phases when we’re a little more distant. Our friendship is usually long distance, so I think that’s pretty normal. But even if your BFF lives next door (or in the next room), there is an ebb and flow in every relationship. And if the BFF & I ever start to fight? We’ve learned to give it a few days, or a week, or whatever & then allow ourselves to fall back into a level of communication that feels right.

As you know, I think good friends are extremely hard to find. If you’ve found a gem — do what you can to hold onto them because you will most likely regret not trying harder in the future. But never stay in a friendship or relationship because you feel obligated or pressured to, either by yourself or someone else. Good friendships are just like a good pair of jeans: Wear ’em till the bottoms fray & the buttons fall off, but if they don’t just fit anymore…trash ’em and never look back. Oh and hey, I hear Forever 21 is having a good sale on some new ones…

my top five faux fur items for fall (say that five times fast!)

Normally, when temperatures drop, so does my spirit. As a very warm-blooded Texan by birth who was unwilling transplanted to Ohio, anything below 60 degrees sends chills up my spine.

So autumn and I aren’t exactly best friends.

However, there is one undeniably awesome thing about fall that all fashionistas can agree on: The fashion. Tights, boots, tailored jackets — all of these fun-to-wear (and layer) pieces are enough to make me reconsider reconsidering my hatred for the season.

But perhaps my favorite fall fashion item is the faux fur vest or jacket. It’s just so…glam. Wearing faux fur makes me feel much less like the college student I was once and much more like the (almost 24-year-old!) woman I now am.

And as we move slowly out of breezy autumnal air and into that even colder season, it becomes considerably more important to make sure you’ve got a couple cute jacket options for those end-of-season bonfires and apple-picking adventures.

But real fur — as we all know — carries an extremely high price tag. So, my question is: Why not spring (or fall – har har) for something a little more wallet (and animal) friendly?

Well, because you’re all creative little lassies with busy, exciting lives, I did some of the dirty work for you and compiled this easily-scannable list of four of my favorite cute and relatively inexpensive faux fur items for fall (whew!):

1. Ecote Faux Fur Vest from – $98.00
Faux fur isn’t always as comfy as the real thing — I know. But this brown, open front vest from Urban Outfitters looks furry enough to snuggle up to. It’s shorter in the front, longer in the back and designed to fit snugly around the chest — so it’s one piece that you can count on to keep your warm into even the depths of winter. Urban’s website is chock full of fur right now, so if this little beaut doesn’t tickle your fancy, you might find another one that will.

2. Faux Fur Cheetah Print Coat from Forever 21 – $39.80
Animal prints aren’t for everyone — and I totally get that sometimes, wearing a print (like cheetah) just looks well, cheesy (kinda like this sentence, huh?) But at less than $40 a pop, this long-sleeved, collared cheetah print coat is a good way to try the trend breaking the bank. Love it? Check out Free People’s stylish Almost Famous faux fur jacket (yes, like the movie featuring Kate Hudson). I could never afford it, but it’s still nice to look at.

3. Irina Cardigan from Anthropologie – $198.00
Alright, so I can’t actually link or post a photo to this one right now because it’s so awesome that it’s currently OUT OF STOCK (and might remain the way forever cause it’s such an ingenious idea). But, if you’re not sure if you’re ready to commit to faux fur, Anthropologie’s got you covered with this vintage-inspired fur-collared cardigan. Not only is the cardigan only furry on the collar, the whole collar is actually detachable. That’s right — if you want to ditch the fur for a day, you can. Super painless (and obviously pretty popular)! But I also love their Wintertide Scarf (pictured above), which also gives you the option to add or remove fur from your ensemble.

4. Rachel Zoe Faux Fur Vest with Hook & Eye Closure from QVC —$79.00
On the other hand, if you’re totally committed to looking like a rock star (or Rachel Zoe, whatever — the terms are synonymous in my book), this affordable vest from Rachel’s collection for QVC has received rave reviews. Available in four colors and nine sizes from XXS to 3X, this vest complements any body shape and adds a touch of wild glamour to any outfit — awful pun totally intended.

But my absolute favorite faux fur option is…

5. Kensie Faux Fur Vest from Nordstrom — $78.00
I like black. I like fur. I think they’re both sexy as f. I just wish this wasn’t so expensive (and oh, I would so settle for wearing it in brown, Old Navy, but why oh why do you hate us poor petite girls?!)

How do you lady loves feel about faux fur? I’m obsessed. If you find any other cute options, please share them in the comments. I’ll probably buy them. In every color.


love list : 10.24.10

apparently I’m all about the glitter lately. okay — i’m always about the glitter.

Hello my sweet little candy corns (don’t ask — I originally wrote jelly beans, but decided candy corns was far more festive)! How is everyone on this wonderful autumn afternoon? Let me tell you, I’ve been better. I have the hangover from hell, which I stupidly thought could be cured with a large steaming mug of coffee with whipped cream, a morning cigarette and lo mein leftovers. Boy, was I wrong. PLUS, the first time I wrote this post WordPress deleted it. Every single world. Needless to say, I’m in some definite need of cheering up right now!

But in lighter news, I’m able to keep my head up long enough to write (and form coherent sentences, I think) so here it is — my first ever love list! When I write my weekly link posts, you know I love it. Sometimes though I’m left feeling eager to share even more of the little things I fell in love with over the week with you guys — non-linkable things, like falling asleep with a new crush (!) and snagging a new job (!). So from now on I’m going to write about some of my other, tangible, non-internet loves of the week, kinda like a virtual gratitude journal.

Without further introduction, here is my first installment :

x Interviewing for & getting a job at a yoga studio x The fact that my new official job title is “Front Desk Goddess” x FREE yoga classes & workshops at my new job! x Hearing stories about jail & how prisoners use envelopes as ‘money’ to get things they want (like library books!) x Pumpkin picking for the first time x Getting to know an old friend on a much deeper, personal level x Concocting crazy mixed drinks made with apple cider, cinnamon and SoCo with said friend x Discovering new movies: Se7en, Constantine & V is for Vendetta — I’m usually such a fraidy cat when it comes to scary movies, but I’m really trying to embrace the season! x Practicing yoga for at least 20 mins. and sometimes up to an hour each day & totally reaping the benefits x My first ever massage! Oh-em-gee, It was absolute magic & I plan to go back on a regular basis x Being offered a free haircut & highlights from an Aveda cosmetology student looking for a hair model! x Feeling self conscious about my ripped American Apparel heart tights, only to have three people compliment them in one day – “Oh, the runs make them look even better!” x Feeling like I’m finally creating a routine for myself back in my hometown post-college x Being admired for the fact that I can play the keyboard (barely!) x My new hot pink & purple glitter TRAVEL hula hoop (I don’t even mind the bruises on my hips because it’s so much effing fun!) x Anticipating & planning shenaniganz for when my two BFFs from college visit me in two few weeks for my birthday (!!!) x Starting Erica Jong’s “Fear of Flying” x Using tumblr more x Creating a “blogging formula” so that I can post at least 2x a week minimum x Applying for freelance writing gigs like a mad woman x

♥ I created a formspring. I don’t really ‘get’ it yet — but I think it’s all about people asking & answering random questions. So, if you’ve been burning to ask me a question, go ahead, sister.

♥ I love ModCloth & this interview with CEO Susan Gregg Kroger really piqued my interest because I’ve been obsessively researching fashion marketing lately (& really regretting not finishing my fashion merchandising degree!)

♥ Not to toot my own horn — okay, totally to toot my own horn — go check out my piece called, “The Dark Side of Breast Cancer Awareness & Cosmetics Companies: An Intro to Pinkwashing” on College Fashion.

♥ New blog discoveries: Glossary, Thought Catalog (read When I Was The Editor Of A Magazine and Fashion Trends for Fall and Winter 2011 to get an idea of the type of content they publish)

Kertiii’s photography is so beautiful & inspiring. I especially like Modern art = I could do that + yeah, but you didn’t

♥ the glamourai teaches us how to tie a turban.

A review of Lauren Conrad’s new style book.

♥ Thanks to Pay What You Can Day I was able to download the World Changing Writing Workshop & I’m so excited to dig into it (it has chapters written by Danielle LaPorte, among other awesome, fearless, world-changing writers)

♥ I am going to read this everyday, I swear: It’s Okay to Be Awesome

The Greatest Form of Suffering of All: Inaction. TROOF!

♥ Sweet Fancy Treat is filled with just that. I really liked Coco Rochas Home is Oh So Coco & How do you beat bloggers block?

♥ Yay! Style Sample compiled this list of fashion groups on flickr for fashion photography.

♥ I know I gush about In Wanderment like every week, but, oh well — it’s well deserved! Check out Ten Things I Learned In My 20’s

♥ It kinda makes me sick how much I like this. Don’t hate me!

♥ Finally, I love Atmosphere. Always.

I saw up-close how fucked up coke was,
so I was always too neurotic for powdered narcotics.
But I’m a pot head, functional alcoholic.
I don’t binge though, I understand the logic.

I like hash but that shits always hidden
and I never seen Peyote here in my jurisdiction.
Never used a needle but I know about the sweats
cause I’m addicted to coffee, cigarettes and probably sex.

Ecstasy is too damn strong for me.
And the intensity last to long for me
Plus I figure I don’t need any buzz
to make me any more needy than I already was

I’m not going to tell you that you better not do it,
Just master your high and try not to abuse it.
Stay away from me if your life’s getting stupid,
and please stop pretending that it makes better music.

— Atmosphere, Feel Good Hit of the Summer 2

So I know I’ve been a little bit M.I.A. lately, but like I mentioned I’ve actually worked out a blogging routine, which is much easier now that I have a job with set hours. I also feel super inspired lately — this always happens to me when seasons start to change, and is even more powerful right now because I’m falling fast for this friend of mine. Whenever I start to get close to someone, I really feel like I wake up inside. It’s the best, most amazing feeling ever and I appreciate it so much more now (but so as not to confuse you, this friend I’m talking about is well, a guy. But the principle still applies!) Ahh.

Loving life xoxoxo,

Links (and Blogs!) I ♥ : 10.19.10

Isn’t Florence (yes, from Florence + the Machine) so gorgeous? I’ve never been a big fan of red hair but girl just rocks it.

Anyway, sorry this is a day late — but better late than never!

♥ From PsyPost: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder the world over and Study confirms: Whatever doesn’t kill us can make us stronger and Why ‘Thank You’ Is More Than Just Good Manners

♥ The girls over at Miseducated share 5 simple rules for living happy.

♥ From my old stomping ground College Candy comes a little insight into this whole “real world” thing: The Post-Grad Journey: Follow Your Yellow Brick Road…Now

♥ If you don’t know by now, this week is Fat Talk Free Week. Amen to that!

♥ Oh and I signed up for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) which basically means I’m going to attempt to write a novel by the end of November. No big deal.

♥ Okay, this one is going to take a little explaining. Last year when I was bored out of my skull during winter in the snow belt, I found this little website Swap-Bot. The website makes it super easy to arrange snail mail OR internet swaps of just about anything imaginable. I’ve received letters, teas, coffees and all types of fun craft supplies from people all over the globe. I feel like I have less time to devote to swapping (it definitely requires a little research and craft time to put together whatever you’re swapping) but still wanted to do it. The solution? More internet swaps! This first internet swap is called I ♥ Your Blog and is the reason for the extra links and pretty badges on my sidebar. To complete the swap, each swapper had to write a post about the swap (hello!) and spread a little blog lovin’ by telling each swap partner one thing you loved about their blog. Without further adou, here are links to my partners:

1. Kimmity Kim — In celebration of my loving red heads this week, I’m obsessed with Kim’s bright ass red hair (documented here). F’ing awesome!
2. Novel Niche — A blog all about books. Um, hell yes. Shivanee, from Trinidad, is currently reading the book that I wrote my senior seminar paper about so I felt an insta-bond with her. Plus, chicks (or anybody, really) who reads are awesome.
3. Better Than Naked — Adorable fashion blog with lots of posts about vintage style (something that I’m pretty clueless about!) I love her photography.
4. Bat Mamma — Bat Mamma is one crafty lady. Her blog features a lot of photos of her swaps (gosh, I’m such a newb!) and other artsy projects. Makes me want to bust out some watercolors & glitter paint, since that is about as far as my craftiness goes.
5. Adventures with the Nowling Family — This blog just melts my heart. I can’t wait to have my own little family & document our adventures! It’s always very interesting to me to see how other people live, and blogs are awesome for that exact reason. I feel a little like part of the family now. :)
6. Butt Naked Woman — A craft blog with photography, recipes (drool-worthy ones, I might add) and the cutest little layout I’ve ever seen.
7. Rock n’ Roll Stops the Traffic — A cute personal blog written by an even cuter girl from Italy. She’s all over the internet— with sites on Facebook, deviantart and swap-bot, to name a few — but she’s new to blogging. I’m excited to see what it will be all about.

If I didn’t mention anyone I was supposed to, please let me know. I got a little confused by the swap directions (SUCH a newb!). And I swear I’ll add all your buttons & links tonight. But if any of you need an outlet for your creative projects (& would like to receive little packages of awesomeness in the mail every so often — which, come on, who wouldn’t?!) you should definitely check out the site.

Well lovely ladies, I’m running a bit late for my wonderful Monday night yoga class. I feel bad being late because the teacher — who told us she was been teaching yoga for 43 years (!) — is so adorable. I feel like I did in high school when I was late to my favorite teacher’s classes, which actually, happened quite often.

Sending you COPIOUS amounts of love & good vibes! xo

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