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For Advertisers:

Have a product, service or other endeavor you think would be useful, beneficial or interesting to my readers?  I’m happy to work out a personalized ad package for any interested parties. The following options are available:

  • A small text link in the “Sponsors” section
  • A banner ad in the “Sponsors” section
  • A review of your product, in exchange for the product itself (all reviews will be presented in a completely honest way–I will not write a “perfect” review if I do not feel the product deserves it)
  • Rates are available upon request:

For Other Bloggers:

  • If you’d like to exchange text links or banner ads (on the front page), please shoot me an e-mail to work out an exchange that works for both of us. I love to link to sites that my readers might enjoy!
  • I’m also open to guest posting. If you have a message you’d like to broadcast to my readers, let me know & we can work out a plan.
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