Link Lust: Faves from 5/16-5/23

by Erica

That picture totally reminded me of my little pink & purple Tamagotchi. I’m really tempted to start digging through all the junk in my parent’s basement to see if I can find the little guy.

My first week as a college grad has left me quite a lot of extra free time to devote to perusing the internet. Here are some delicious goodies I scoped out in the past week or so. WARNING: Lots of free time = lots of links!

♥ In Find out what you really want from, we are asked to take a step back & decide if what we’re striving for is what we really want.
♥ As a grad, I really needed to read this: Beauty Lies in Impermanence
♥ I want some of these pretty fairy lights in my bedroom, stat.
♥ From PsyBlog: Procrastinate Less By Forgiving Yourself
♥ I love the blogs at Check out Do Men & Women Have Different Moral Values? & you’ll see why.
♥ KylieJowsier openly & honestly discusses her battle with lifelong bouts of depression. So touching.
♥ What makes you an artist or a writer? Is it the money or the simply act of doing? Sparkle & Glitter explores the issue of self-proclaimed creativity here.
♥ VIDEO: Why Me Time is SO Important
Penelope Love Lists teaches me how to clean my white Mac keyboard (!!!!)
♥ Being a writer in today’s world means doing a whole lot more than pumping out manuscripts–& that’s pretty cool.
♥ Something I’m going to have to read & re-read as I prepare to move for my new job: Letting Go of Attachment, from A to Zen.
♥ via Sarah Wilson:

How to Video Blog, from Style Sample.
Why do women feel ashamed after being victims of sexual abuse? @ fbomb.
MY NEW FAVORITE WEBSITE, HANDS DOWN: (!!) is a wonderful resource for other introverts, with career advice & other musings about life/the introverted lifestyle. Soooo good!
♥ Check out pictures of Label, eco-friendly fashion @
♥ Luinae at More Magic Always is so freaking adorable & this post just proves how awesome/smart she is–especially for a young teen! Fashion Is Not Superficial
Life After College really knows what’s up for, well, life after college!
♥ Also, I’ve been obsessively listening to this song & this song from Built to Spill. I forgot how much I love them.

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