love list : 10.24.10

by Erica

apparently I’m all about the glitter lately. okay — i’m always about the glitter.

Hello my sweet little candy corns (don’t ask — I originally wrote jelly beans, but decided candy corns was far more festive)! How is everyone on this wonderful autumn afternoon? Let me tell you, I’ve been better. I have the hangover from hell, which I stupidly thought could be cured with a large steaming mug of coffee with whipped cream, a morning cigarette and lo mein leftovers. Boy, was I wrong. PLUS, the first time I wrote this post WordPress deleted it. Every single world. Needless to say, I’m in some definite need of cheering up right now!

But in lighter news, I’m able to keep my head up long enough to write (and form coherent sentences, I think) so here it is — my first ever love list! When I write my weekly link posts, you know I love it. Sometimes though I’m left feeling eager to share even more of the little things I fell in love with over the week with you guys — non-linkable things, like falling asleep with a new crush (!) and snagging a new job (!). So from now on I’m going to write about some of my other, tangible, non-internet loves of the week, kinda like a virtual gratitude journal.

Without further introduction, here is my first installment :

x Interviewing for & getting a job at a yoga studio x The fact that my new official job title is “Front Desk Goddess” x FREE yoga classes & workshops at my new job! x Hearing stories about jail & how prisoners use envelopes as ‘money’ to get things they want (like library books!) x Pumpkin picking for the first time x Getting to know an old friend on a much deeper, personal level x Concocting crazy mixed drinks made with apple cider, cinnamon and SoCo with said friend x Discovering new movies: Se7en, Constantine & V is for Vendetta — I’m usually such a fraidy cat when it comes to scary movies, but I’m really trying to embrace the season! x Practicing yoga for at least 20 mins. and sometimes up to an hour each day & totally reaping the benefits x My first ever massage! Oh-em-gee, It was absolute magic & I plan to go back on a regular basis x Being offered a free haircut & highlights from an Aveda cosmetology student looking for a hair model! x Feeling self conscious about my ripped American Apparel heart tights, only to have three people compliment them in one day – “Oh, the runs make them look even better!” x Feeling like I’m finally creating a routine for myself back in my hometown post-college x Being admired for the fact that I can play the keyboard (barely!) x My new hot pink & purple glitter TRAVEL hula hoop (I don’t even mind the bruises on my hips because it’s so much effing fun!) x Anticipating & planning shenaniganz for when my two BFFs from college visit me in two few weeks for my birthday (!!!) x Starting Erica Jong’s “Fear of Flying” x Using tumblr more x Creating a “blogging formula” so that I can post at least 2x a week minimum x Applying for freelance writing gigs like a mad woman x

♥ I created a formspring. I don’t really ‘get’ it yet — but I think it’s all about people asking & answering random questions. So, if you’ve been burning to ask me a question, go ahead, sister.

♥ I love ModCloth & this interview with CEO Susan Gregg Kroger really piqued my interest because I’ve been obsessively researching fashion marketing lately (& really regretting not finishing my fashion merchandising degree!)

♥ Not to toot my own horn — okay, totally to toot my own horn — go check out my piece called, “The Dark Side of Breast Cancer Awareness & Cosmetics Companies: An Intro to Pinkwashing” on College Fashion.

♥ New blog discoveries: Glossary, Thought Catalog (read When I Was The Editor Of A Magazine and Fashion Trends for Fall and Winter 2011 to get an idea of the type of content they publish)

Kertiii’s photography is so beautiful & inspiring. I especially like Modern art = I could do that + yeah, but you didn’t

♥ the glamourai teaches us how to tie a turban.

A review of Lauren Conrad’s new style book.

♥ Thanks to Pay What You Can Day I was able to download the World Changing Writing Workshop & I’m so excited to dig into it (it has chapters written by Danielle LaPorte, among other awesome, fearless, world-changing writers)

♥ I am going to read this everyday, I swear: It’s Okay to Be Awesome

The Greatest Form of Suffering of All: Inaction. TROOF!

♥ Sweet Fancy Treat is filled with just that. I really liked Coco Rochas Home is Oh So Coco & How do you beat bloggers block?

♥ Yay! Style Sample compiled this list of fashion groups on flickr for fashion photography.

♥ I know I gush about In Wanderment like every week, but, oh well — it’s well deserved! Check out Ten Things I Learned In My 20’s

♥ It kinda makes me sick how much I like this. Don’t hate me!

♥ Finally, I love Atmosphere. Always.

I saw up-close how fucked up coke was,
so I was always too neurotic for powdered narcotics.
But I’m a pot head, functional alcoholic.
I don’t binge though, I understand the logic.

I like hash but that shits always hidden
and I never seen Peyote here in my jurisdiction.
Never used a needle but I know about the sweats
cause I’m addicted to coffee, cigarettes and probably sex.

Ecstasy is too damn strong for me.
And the intensity last to long for me
Plus I figure I don’t need any buzz
to make me any more needy than I already was

I’m not going to tell you that you better not do it,
Just master your high and try not to abuse it.
Stay away from me if your life’s getting stupid,
and please stop pretending that it makes better music.

— Atmosphere, Feel Good Hit of the Summer 2

So I know I’ve been a little bit M.I.A. lately, but like I mentioned I’ve actually worked out a blogging routine, which is much easier now that I have a job with set hours. I also feel super inspired lately — this always happens to me when seasons start to change, and is even more powerful right now because I’m falling fast for this friend of mine. Whenever I start to get close to someone, I really feel like I wake up inside. It’s the best, most amazing feeling ever and I appreciate it so much more now (but so as not to confuse you, this friend I’m talking about is well, a guy. But the principle still applies!) Ahh.

Loving life xoxoxo,

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