love list: 10.31.10

by Erica

Bonjour, sugar! I’m so unbelievably amped up right now — today is one of my favorite days of the year⁄! Not only does this weekend mean I get to spend almost 48 hours wearing false eyelashes, crazy makeup, huge fairy wings & dancing like mad, it also means the Scorpio season is in full-swing & my birthday is a mere few days away (!!). I’m one of those types who believes that birthdays are supposed to be the most special, amazing day of the year, so my brain has been buzzing with all the crazy plans I’m making for the next few weeks (because, yes, my birthday celebration is usually more like a birthmonth celebration).

Wishing you all the spookiest, treatiest and glitteriest Halloween yet!

x I’m spending my Halloween weekend at a hotel water park (!!) To help me explain how awesome this is, here are the deets: We’re staying the night in one large hotel room (bottle of liquor provided!), there’s a costume party tonight w/ one LONG night of awesome local music on two stages inside the hotel ballroom and the music plays until 4 am! ; at 4 am, a FREE buffet breakfast commences & at 11 am the water park opens — with TWO MORE stages of DJs playing until 5 pm Sunday. Whew! I.can’ x Passing out candy to trick-or-treaters for my first time, dressed as Tinkerbell x Starting 2 new writing gigs — one for a fashion site, another for a celeb gossip site (more on this soon!) xNew music: Bassnectar — Wildstyle EP, Pendumlum — Immersion, Lykke Li’s new single “Get Some” (available on her website fo’ free!), Pretty Lights — Filling Up the City Skies (Part One) & my new favorite song, Shawn Lee – “Kiss the Sky” x Watching The Human Centipede, which is just as ridiculous as Tosh.0 warned us it would be x First kisses & drinking an entire bottle of home-brewed sweet apple wine to the face x
Learning how to do the vortex & the corkscrew with my hula hoop x Finding tiny white vintage shoes in my Mom’s closet that totally complete the Tinkerbell ensemble x


Isn’t it funny how we think we are immortal? Like every day we go about our lives not thinking about the concept of death. What do you want to do with your life? What do you love to do? Are you happy with where you are at? We are made to live, move around a little, take risks, enjoy simple things, love and serve people, not hold petty grudges and live inside fear and insecurities. Oh how horrible it would be to spend our lives building a empire of dirt and say at the end of our time that we wasted it all. What will you change tonight?

♥ This week, Joy posted an extremely honest, revealing, awesome video called “This Is My Body” in honor of Love Your Body Day.

♥ A must-read for writers: the three words that will make an editor love you.

Fajr wrote a review of Kelly Cutrone’s book that I love. Maybe I’m biased, but I think Kelly’s one of the most kick ass, hard-working, brutally honest yet still totally loving women I know. Oh, and she’s a Scorpio…

♥ Again from In Wanderment: Write a Life List.

♥ I’ve been researching a lot about PR lately, so I really got into this interview with Melissa Davis, founder of Ruby Press PR

♥ Finally! This Just In: Not All Guys Are The Same. Oh, really?

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

♥ Independent Fashion Bloggers was full of good stuff this week: Act ‘as if’ blogging were your day job and they linked to this: The 7 Common Reactions to Style which is I think is so (laughably) true.

Getting Magnified with Nubby Twiglet on is a very insightful and inspiring interview about how to live a creative life (& craft a creative career!)

♥ Yay! Sequins for all occasions.

♥ What’s a flexisexual? Um, I think I might be one, actually.

♥ Free education is something I can’t pass up (and yes, I probably only say this because I am currently $40,000 in debt due to college loans). I came across this site with FREE journalism classes and this Fashion & Pop Culture class from a university in Korea. Can you tell I miss college yet?

♥ Bassnectar remixed one of my favorite songs ever.

♥ Oy. This breaks my heart.

Now, it’s your turn! What did you fall in love with this week (I just hope it wasn’t this video of Audrina Patridge’s drunk ass mom — though I must admit, I don’t expect any better from reality “stars” anymore!)?

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