Working with me be like…

“Erica rocked my world. This was my first time working with a copywriter and it’s one of the BEST investments I’ve made in 9 years of business! My biggest fear was that Erica wouldn’t be able to get into the minds and hearts of my clients speak to them in a way that made it sound like it was coming from ME. Well, she nailed it. I actually cried when I read the first draft of my bioI now have a website that I am excited and proud to share and the investment was a no-brainer because I earned it back so quickly, reaching more of my ideal clients, faster! I can’t recommend Erica highly enough and she’ll be a part of my team for many years to come!”

Cystal Di Domizio

“Working with Erica was the best thing I ever did for my biz confidence. Before working with her I kinda knew my message, but had trouble explaining it without a lot of ‘umms’ and ‘kinda’s.’ Erica asked just the right questions and then took the essence of my message to distill it on paper. When I first read my copy I couldn’t believe how perfect it was. Now I know that when an ideal client lands on my website, she’s going to feel intrigued and just know that my services are for her. Thank you, Erica, you’re a genius!”

Iris Barzen

“Erica is a genius. Her Namestorm package is worth every penny plus more. I think my brain exploded reading all the names she came up with. I was seriously floored and amazed. Not only were all the names perfect, but I couldn’t choose just one and the storm of ideas will keep me busy for months! Don’t think about it, just do it.” 

Jenn Scalia

…Erica just took the ideas I had and (all super speedy like) whipped them into a sales page that made me want to buy what I was offering! The icing on the cake is she’s lovely! I really enjoyed my time chatting with her before she started writing and felt like she was genuinely interested and cared about my project. I’ve recommended her to several of my clients and I can’t stop hearing about how awesome she is!”

Allison Braun

The Business Joyologist

“Erica swung in when I needed her most, new services launch time. In short order she created bangin’ sales pages that spoke to my people and were infused with ME. It was amazing to see my work spring to life on the page. She saved me weeks of agonizing over word choices & sales page structure. Now, they’re done for me and landing me clients. So much win.”

Ellen Ercolini

money making expert for creatives,

“I originally went to Erica for Namestorm services but after reading her site, I really felt like her tone and positivity were exactly what my new site needed. So I went for her full service… She used all my words and feelings but conveyed them in a fun, fresh and intriguing way. While reading through my brand new ‘About Me’ page, I loved it so much that actually wanted to be friends with me! 🙂 All of the copy that Erica crafted was interesting and fun yet still very informative and convincing.

I have already scheduled to work with Erica again in a few months to help me with copy for an upcoming project. That’s how impressed I am! Its one thing to have great copy on your site. Its another story altogether to feel like you hit the easy button and the golden ticket popped out! I finally feel like my site has a voice that matches me. I am 100% positive that it will resonate with my followers as well.

Erica calls herself a (pixie-sized) word weaver and I can’t imagine a better title for her talent!”

Tami Cunningham

gift-giving connoisseur , Gifting Sweet

“Erica is a pint-sized tornado of wordy goodness. After hiring her for a ‘Namestorm’ project she delivered exactly what I was after and immediately cut through the swamp of boring nonsensical ‘blah’ that I was creating on my own and got to the heart of my project in a few spiffy lines. I’m chuffed to bits. She’s super quick to get the work done and she really ‘sees’ what you and your project are about. I’ll certainly be back for more.”

Amy Humphries

professional career escape strategist, Change Academy

“You took my language and thoughts to a objective level that I could not. You created the language and appeal to my ideal clients that I could not. Your writing has a relaxed, conversational ease to it that comes from interviewing your clients and really knowing what they are passionate about. Your gift lies in the translation of conversation to fantastic writing that keeps the readers engaged I love your copy writing Erica, it is amazing, you have quite a gift!”

Lesley Stedmon

relationship coach ,

“You have worked your magic and come up with something that captures the essence of what I am about. You managed to put my jumbled thoughts into some eloquent words and meaning. Thank you!”

Janine Lee

self compassion advocate teaching women to prioritize pampering ,

“I hired Erica to give me idea for a new name for my business. She blew my mind with how quickly she came up with ten potential ideas. She also provided super helpful tips for further naming projects. I’d hire her again in a heart beat.”

Jane Halton

helping you reconcile the tension between life & faith ,

“Can I say that you are magical & I’m in love with what you came up with! After reading the part about me, you make me want to meet myself!”

Tamika Harvey

Fashion Guru & Web Designer

“I had so much to do that making the time to sit down and write a draft was not happening. I hadn’t heard of Erica before, but her first email SOLD ME! She is definitely one of the best copywriters I’ve ever worked with! I would absolutely recommend Erica to anyone looking for a copywriter.”

Kendrick Shope

Creator of Authentic Selling,

“Just wanted to tell you that your e-book AND the bonuses are AMAZING!! It is sooo chockfull of awesomeness and really useful advice on how to actually do things, like not just ‘list this and say that,’ but you really walk me through the whole process of writing compelling sales-copy! And all that in a fun way so that it not like ‘Urgh, do I reeeally have to write that?!’ but more like, ‘Cool! Sounds like fun! Let’s try this whole sales-copywriting-thing out!’ – I’m so glad I purchased your e-book right away!”

Anna Ost

Language Expert

“I highly recommend Erica! So much fun to work with and I’m so pleased with what she whipped up! She was able to take all of my muddled thoughts and put them neatly in place to paint a picture of my services and passion that makes me want to sign up for myself. See right there? Erica would have made that last sentence read so much cooler, yet still sound like me.”

Kathy Stowell

Bliss Before Naptime

“Erica is an amazing partner to work with. I’ve dealt with many copywriters during the course of my marketing career. She is one of my favorites for her writing style, trendy yet edgy lingo and responsive/professional work ethic. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a fabulously witty and turn-key approach to copy. She just gets it and it doesn’t take a lot of explaining to get from A to Z. It amazed me how tuned in she was to my work and how she was able to convey it through the copy. I look forward to using her on future projects for myself and my clients. Cheers Erica – you make it look easy girlfriend. ”

Laura Burbano

BrandNU Coaching

“Hiring Erica to write the copy for my new website is one of the best business decisions that I have ever made. Writing copy was one of the tasks that I delayed for months because I wanted nothing to do with it. As soon as I found Erica and spoke with her during her freebie session, I knew that we were supposed to meet and work together and I immediately felt like I could breathe again! This task that I had been avoiding for so long actually became something I looked forward to and the updates on my copy were like getting presents in my e-mail all week. She also generously allowed me to pick her brain about business building and marketing techniques — she has lots more to offer than the normal copywriter! The only disappointing part of the process was that it had to end!

One of the bonuses of working with Erica was that my self-esteem also got a BIG boost because she was able to take the boring description of my services and transform it to a cohesive and alluring message that I know my ideal clients will connect with. THANK YOU ERICA! I’m already jealous of all of the time you will get to spend working with her when you hire her (and don’t delay it — her schedule will be booked up any day now!).”

Nicole Liloia

StressLESS Coach ,

“Working with Erica is like having my best friend write about me and my work in the first-person. Our first meeting over Skype was such a good time that I immediately wished she lived closer, so we could go out for a glass of wine afterwards. But instead, I got incredible copy for my website within DAYS. Erica is brilliant; she has this fabulous ability to get all fun and friendly with her client, so that she can get inside their head to take all those disjointed thoughts and distill them into conversational and accessible copy… and she does it so unbelievably fast that there’s no other explanation than she’s a freaking genius.

It really did feel like being a celebrity for a week, and the results are a priceless reminder of what can happen when you work with a real professional… who also happens to be a damn good time.”

Sara Harrier

coach, catalyst, and communication expert for unconventional and brilliant (dare I say, gifted) women ,

“Reading my final copy moved me to tears. Hiring Erica was one of my best business moves this year. Without a doubt a rising star in the industry.”

Luz Martell

soulful & intuitive photographer, artist & tarot reader ,

“I didn’t know what to expect, but I can tell you this, my face still hurts from smiling. I’m so happy that I discovered you. With my fresh copy, I’m now confident to put myself out there and start hustling my biz.”

Valarie Grossman

Whip-Cracking Wellness Warrior ,

“I was really excited to get the e-mail with my Namestorm! I loved how Erica included a personal note along with ideas on creating my own titles-rather than only sending the titles. She helped to reassure that I have a great idea for a program that is going to help many women who struggle with anxiety. I just have to find a better way for my program to find them and I know a creative and bold title will definitely help!”

Shayna Mahoney

“There are no words to describe how AWESOME Erica is. She is easy to work with with, has great job ethics, over delivers and goes for the extra mile. I highly recommend everybody start working with Erica. She is the best of the best when it comes to writing and copy writing.”

Ben Moskovich

“Authenticity in everything that I do is a must. Erica is thorough, she listens and she produces results that are reflective of your brand. Plus she’s one cool chick to work with.”

Jacqueline Miller

Mom Mogul Dujour

“If you’re looking for a copywriter that can write your story in an engaging, interesting, lighthearted but meaningful way, Erica is your gal. She is witty but she never lets that get in the way of conveying what you need to say to your potential clients. She is great to work with and delivers on the promise. Hire her!”

Lynne Dominick

Creator of Kismet Alchemy

“I was so nervous to bring an expert into my copy because I thought that it would make my work feel salesy and forced, but Erica asked the right questions, understood what I needed and made sure that my heart was in everything she wrote. Erica is real, funny, friendly, kind and has such a talent of supporting you in bringing out your true voice and owning your brilliance. This was such an amazing experience. Thank you Erica for bringing my Launch & Live program to life”

Safiyah Satterwhite

Lifestyle & Business Coach For Women Entrepreneurs ,


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