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If we’re getting technical, you could just call me a copywriter – or you know, “the person that writes words for websites.”

But since that sounds about as fun as watching an entire season’s worth of Kendra On Top with a hangover, think of it like this instead: I’m like a personal stylist for the words on your website. (And not just any words, either. I’m talking the kinda words that tell stories that make people feel things – and then, consequently, buy things.)

Just like a stylist can help you curate gorgeous ensembles that reflect who you truly are so you can step out into the world as a totally-polished-but-still-authentic version of you, I’m an expert at helping entrepreneurs communicate who they are, what they do and the immense value they bring to the table – in the sexiest, sauciest package possible. Online. With words. And without looking like a sleaze. (We all know there’s a fine line there. Thanks for that, Jersey Shore.)

Seriously though, when it comes to the way you show up online, you need copywriting that fits and flatters just like that hot, classic + totally gorgeous LBD you rock every chance you get – because hot copy does for your business what that little number does for your life.

And by that I mean:

: It makes an impression on all the right people (dream clients)

: Helps you nab invitations to all the right parties (read: projects, interviews, collaborations, you get the idea!)

: And finally provides you with enough money to have the kind of lifestyle you’ve always dreamt about. (Okay, I don’t really know how to relate that last part, but let’s just roll with it, okay?)

And hey, while I’m on my (sequined) soapbox, let’s talk about why the heck I do this to begin with –

: First off, I do this because I believe the work you’re doing matters – whether you’re a makeup artist or a relationship coach – and I want to make sure you’re able to communicate that to prospective custies. (And yes, I just said custies. Can you tell I was a total hippie in college?)

: Second, I do this because I believe the more “you-ness” you bring into your business + work, the more successful you’ll be (and the more others will know, like + trust you – and trust in biz is everything!) A watered down brand equals a watered down life. And I don’t believe in women living watered down lives.

: Third, I do this because I believe financial freedom is the new black + when you’re following your heart, you should feel fabulous about making cash from your craft – and I know that great copy and a rock-solid personal brand can help you get there.

: But most of all, I do this because I believe women entrepreneurs are changing the face of the global economy by creating businesses around their passions + personalities –  and that’s one change I can totally get behind.


And just because I gotta walk my talk, here’s a little peek behind the (lush, satin) curtain at the real (yet still perfectly polished) me:


: I’ve been writing on the Internet for cashola for over 5 years. I’ve written for everyone from hilarious health coaches to enviably-hip web designers to one of the biggest beauty brands in the world.

:  I’m a former celebrity gossip reporter with top shelf knowledge of all things pop culture (and srsly, this comes in handy more than one might think).

: I have half a master’s degree in Marketing + Communication. Half because I quit to focus on this business (and honestly, never looked back).

: In past lives, I’ve also been…a fashion blogger for one of the top 100 most influential sites in the industry. A relationship psychology columnist. A published author in several compilation books. Addicted to bad boys (and published an essay in Seventeen to prove it). A poet (my old Xanga and LiveJournals will totes be worth dollars one day, I swear it). A holistic life coach (yep, 100% certified!). A vegetarian (and I still often choose the meatless version of most entrees). A jazz dancer. And probably a few other strange things I’m forgetting.

: I’m a “spiritual girl in a material world” – and I’ve learned that this is exactly what makes me unique and sells my stuff. I’m obsessed with rap music + pop culture + all things bling bling, but I also love philosophy + practice gratitude, meditation and other spiritual practices on the daily – and I tend to attract people who are into the same. (Like you, perhaps?)

: I’m a Scorpio, an INFJ and a tiger in the Chinese zodiac. Oh! And my love language is words of affirmation. Pay me a creative (+ genuine!) compliment + I’m yours for life.

: I have (minor) obsessions with: the color pink, reality TV, moscato, hip hop fitness class and EDM. I love them all without guilt.




To sexier syntax,