Crushworthy Sales Copy 101



Let’s get real: Writing great, seductive copy is a skill no business owner should be without. It’s also totally, 100% learn-able. I can help.

Sound like you?

:: You’ve written a sales page or ten, but your (seemingly amazing) offers don’t translate into actual sales + you have no clue why
:: You grit your teeth every time you hear “speak your ideal client’s language” (‘Cause what does that even mean? And how the hell do you DO IT?)
:: You can do the actual writing, but when it comes to knowing how to put it all together on the page you’re lost
:: You spend hours + hours scribblin’ sales copy only to come back + re-write it all the next day ’cause it’s boring, bland, sounds like it was written by a robot or is just totally NOT you
:: Sales psychology is a total mind fuck….how the hell can you be authentically persuasive?
:: You find yourself using the same blah-zay words over + over again + hatin’ on yourself for not paying enough attention in grammar school vocab class…
:: Whenever you’ve got a sales page to write you procrastinate for hoursss (read: refresh Facebook, decide it’s the perfect time to catch up on DVR’ed Pretty Little Liars, paint your toenails…anything not to start!)

If so, Crushworthy Sales Copy 101 is gonna be your new business bestie.




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Inside this hella informative (and fun!) e-book, you’ll learn how to…


>> Nail down your dream client AND how to describe them (this part’s ridiculously simple and probably not what you think!)
>> Create a signature offer or product your prospects will CRAVE 
>> Know exactly what you should write about on your sales page to hook and hypnotize prospects so they can’t help but press “Buy”
>> Sex up your selling with a delicious dose of your personality, conversational style & slang – and make writing sales copy easy, breezy and FUN
>> Create an offering name + tagline that’s memorable +damn near irresistible to the people it’s meant to help
>> Have the confidence to write compelling copy again & again with just a few simple tweaks to your writing routine
>> and BONUS! Use my Sexy Sales Page Template, Sexy Sales Page Dictionary & Sexy Sales Page Pre-Launch Checklist to craft your sales page from start-to-finish EVERY TIME you need to launch something new


Sound like jusssst what your little heart desires? Goooood.


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You’ll crush on Crushworthy Copy if:

:: You’ve written boatloads of content already + don’t wanna toss it all in the trash to hire a copywriter
: You’ve researched copywriting on your own but DAMN it’d be nice to have all the basics in one, easy-to-access place
:: You wanna connect with more of your peeps + make oodles more cash, too (a natural side effect of bomb ass copywriting)

You game? Hit the sexy lil’ button below to be whisked away to a secure payment page and grab your copy INSTANTLY.