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Do you haaaaate writing benefits for your copy? Do you ever resort to fist-clenching, teeth-gritting and/or loose-lipped-profanity-followed-by-white-wine-chugging because you just can’t seem to nail them down?

(Don’t lie to me, lady. I’ve talked to enough of you to know the answer is a resounding, “HELL YES!”)

Well, I’ve got a super cool secret that will make writing benefits a total breeze, yo. And I’m sharing it with you RIGHT NOW. So get your (sparkly) pens ready, ladies! It’s time to get schooled on bennies.

Here it is: Sometimes we think something is a benefit, but it’s not. (Dun, dun, dun.)

Um, say whaaat?

If a benefit is truly a benefit, it must somehow solve a problem for your prospect – and make an emotional, not just tangible, connection.

For example, I might say a “benefit” of my copywriting is that I take an (often) tedious, ridiculously booooring, arduous task off your (already cluttered) plate. Because I love you, and I don’t want you to write shitty copy. Or do anything you dislike, actually.

That sounds nice, right? It sounds concrete.

But can I dig deeper? Is there more there?

You betcha.

You can cut straight to the juicy core of any benefit by asking one simple question: “So what?”

That’s it. That annoying little phrase every 7-year-old seemingly has ready-to-roll off his tongue actually holds the key to delicious copy. Who knew?

So let’s try it in real time, shall we?

“Supposed” Bennie: I take a task you hate off your plate.

So what? (Read: “What does that really mean to you?”)
It means you’ll have more time to do other cool shit. Like drink lots of red wine at dinner or, y’know, book three extra clients.


The reason this is now a better benefit is that it speaks to one of my ideal client’s biggest, most niggling, awful problems: not having enough time to do what they love…because they’re constantly slaving over sales copy.

What it does now is connect on an emotional level.

‘Cause the truth is, nobody really gives a flying you-know-what that I’m taking a task off their plate. What they do care about is what that extra time means to them – and what they can do with it. They care about how their lives will be gloriously happier, madly more fulfilled or just plain better because by hiring me, I’ve gifted them this extra time. (BTW – time is the MOST valuable resource on the planet. More valuable than money or accolades or anything-the-eff-else. When in doubt about benefits, remember that MOST people want more time.)

The supposed “benefit” of taking a task off your plate is really just a glorified feature without that essential emotional element. And we can’t have none of that “glorified feature” nonsense when we’re trying to make bookoo bucks, now can we?

When you’re doing this for your own copy, just remember that the answer to each “So what?” needs to talk about HOW the particular benefit solves (one of) your prospect’s problems.

In this case:

The Problem: Not having enough time to do the shit they really love because they’re spending even the most hoppin’ Saturday nights (Does anybody say “hoppin” anymore? Did they ever…besides my Dad?) chained to their MacBooks resentfully pounding out sales copy

Now, the point of this blog isn’t that you need to sit at your laptop all day muttering, “So what?” ’cause that’d be freakin’ weird, weirdo. 

The point is I want you to remember that YOUR BENEFITS ARE WHAT SELL YOUR STUFF. As the famous Zig Ziglar said in that super wise quote up top, we buy based on emotion first, and then we try back it up with logic.

Benefits are emotional. Features are logical.

Without solid benefits, nobody’s buying.

Not even if you’ve got the most amazing, well-thought-out, slaved-over-for-months, wrapped-in-gold offer. And not even if you’re promising iPad Minis with every order. (Okay, maybe then. But are you really gonna do that? ….And if you are, will you hook a girl up?)

It’s all about the benefits, baby. 

So next time you’re wondering if your sales page is lacking or why a seemingly stellar, super hot offer isn’t racking up 0’s in your bank account, go back to the basics & shine up your benefits. Give them the extra love & attention that they deserve and ask, “So what?”

You – and your business – are worth the extra couple minutes it takes to dig deeper + discover the real reasons people will want what you have.

And of course, don’t forget to go forth + deliver on your promises, too. Grateful-clients-to-be are waiting.


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