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Below, a sexy sampling of the writing I do/have done.

Copywriting [Selected Samples] ::

♥ Ellen Ercolini – Red Hot Clarity // Sold Out!: Signature Services That Sizzle // Made of Money: Coin + Clout // Empire Building: Business Builders Dream
♥ Lesley Stedmon – Spark Ignition Coaching
♥ – About page
♥ Valarie Grossman – Kitchen Detox

I wrote about celebrities for Wetpaint for almost two years.

(psstt…here’s my author page for easy access to my articles!)


I’ve also been featured in books.

UChic: The College Girl’s Guide To Everything, Contributor.


And penned pieces for magazines.

Artemis, Spring 2010, Editor.
– Previous Work: Therapy 101: This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Therapy, The Glass Ceiling: Women and Barriers in the Workplace, How to be a Feminist
Seventeen, April 2010: “I’m Addicted to Bad Boys!” [PDF VIEW], September 2006: “Finding Myself In My Diary”
♥ Contributed quotes: Teen Vogue, September 2009: “Hot Topic: Relating to Adults.” CosmoGIRL!, February 2007: “freshman year, part deux!

I also write articles about a few awesome things, like…

sex, relationships + psychology (!!!)

Banish Girl Hate Today at fbomb
Author page, Selected Samples:
Makeup attracts more men
Does Facebook Breed the Green-Eyed Monster?
The Copycat Reflex: Women Desire a Man Desired by Others
Recover from Codependency
Depressed Women Have More Sex
Study Shows Marriage Requires Much More Than Love

Associated Content:
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fashion (!!)

Scarpasa Blog: [Now Defunct]
I posted weekly Lifestyle & Entertainment, Style Me Pretty and Trend Watch posts.
Selected Scarpasa Samples [PDF]

College Fashion:
9 Ways to Green Your Dorm This Semester
3 Cute & Quirky Holiday Trends to Try
3 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas Under $50
The Dark Side of Breast Cancer Awareness & Cosmetics Companies: An Intro to Pinkwashing
Clothes for a Cause: Wiloh & K.I.D.S. “Tee for Tee” Initiative
Four Must-Have Eco-Friendly Items for Fall
Vegan Style Icon: Lea Michele
Vegan Style Icon: Alicia Silverstone
Eco-Chic Beauty: Top 5 Green Nail Polish Companies
15 Eco-Friendly Back-to-School Accessories
Green Fashion 101: A Quick Guide to Eco-Friendly Shopping
4 Awesome Vegan-Friendly Beauty Products
Eco-Friendly Style: 5 Must-Have Green Beach Supplies
Designer to Watch: Maggie Ward
How to: Pull off Polka Dots

college life (!!)
The 5 Lessons of Freshman Year

UniversityChic, Selected Samples:
Volunteering in New Orleans: A Chicster’s Experience
Getting along with your college roommate
Expand your social life beyond the dorm
How to break your lease
Staying connected with college pals
Should you take time off from college?
Dealing with a quarter-life crisis
The LDR: Does it really work?
Over-the-top party pals
Get Empowered & Dating 101 Weekly Blogs

College Candy:
♥ Author page

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