The number one fear I hear from my clients goes summin’ like this: “But I don’t want to alienate anybody!”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that excuse when people sit down to write, in reference to things like…

: Adding your fave slang word to your copy to make it more fun – because you don’t know if your clients will “resonate” with the term “hella”

: Using a super specific example that’s totally ON POINT– because it references children and you don’t want to “put off” your childless prospects

: Concocting a beeeeautiful metaphor that might not make 100% sense to somebody who isn’t also a rabid Kardashians fan

Here’s the thing though (and if you’ve been studying copywriting for any amount of time, you’ve heard it before): When you speak to everybody, you speak to nobody.

You’re NEVER going to make everybody happy with your copy – whether you use corporate jargon or Urban slang.

You’re NEVER going to appeal to every single person out there who might need your stuff.

And you’re NEVER going to make more sales if you don’t drop the fear of getting specific like it’s hot.

What you need to worry about instead is focusing on speaking to that one person who not only needs what you have – but GETS YOU, too. 

The one who will literally LOL that you said “hella” on a sales page, who will TOTALLY get that reference to sippy cups and will nod her head in agreement when you write an entire blog post about what all business owners can learn about Kim Kardashian’s rise to fame (sex tape scandal included).

She’s out there, but you’ll never know it unless you get over your fear of being who you really are on your website.

Just try it and see.